What is Amplify Austin Day?

Amplify Austin Day is the biggest day of giving in Central Texas, raising $82 million dollars for the local community with the help of half a million gifts. During a single 24-hour period, from 6 pm on March 6th to 6 pm on March 7th, 2024 residents across a 7-county region will come together to support more than 700 nonprofits by making a donation through the platform, AmplifyATX.org. 

What is AmplifyATX.org?

AmplifyATX.org is an easy-to-use online platform that allows users to search and discover local giving opportunities aligned with their passions, empowering them to take an active role in shaping the future of their Central Texas community.

365 days a year, anyone can make a donation, set up monthly donations, find volunteer opportunities, or fundraise for 700 local nonprofit organizations. The site is the leading resource for companies, newcomers, longtime residents, and families when they are looking to connect to causes that are important to them and give back where they live. 

On Amplify Austin Day, the site is activated with special matches that amplify your gifts. 

AmplifyATX.org and Amplify Austin Day are programs of I Live Here I Give Here, an Austin-based nonprofit.

What is I Live Here I Give Here?

OUR VISION: I Live Here I Give Here envisions a Central Texas where every community member is engaged in giving. 

OUR MISSION: I Live Here I Give Here is on a mission to amplify giving in Central Texas through cultivating and creating deeper connections for givers and the issues they care about.

I Live Here I Give Here™ was founded in 2007 to inspire Central Texans to give and support the thousands of nonprofits in our region. Through programs like Amplify Austin Day, GivingTuesday, See Us Give, and the Austin Involved Board Internship Program, our total impact on the nonprofit community is over $100 million and counting!

Learn more about our organization here.

Why give on Amplify Austin Day?

We encourage year-round giving to sustain the local nonprofits that served the people, places, and animals we love, but we make a special appeal on Amplify Austin Day. This is the day that becomes a sweeping local generosity movement to celebrate and support Central Texas nonprofits that make this a better place for everyone to live. PLUS, your gift made on Amplify Austin Day will be matched by our generous sponsors and go further to support local causes. Your gift may also help your favorite nonprofit win a prize! In 2021, I Live Here I Give Here raised over $500K in matching funds, prizes, and incentives for the nonprofit organizations participating in Amplify Austin Day.

When is Amplify Austin Day?

Amplify Austin Day 2024 will take place 6:00PM on March 6th - 6:00PM on March 7th CST. Early giving opens on January 24, 2024.

How can I share the news about Amplify Austin Day?

Follow I Live Here I Give Here on TwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn and like us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news and share our posts with your

Participate in our social media campaign by sharing how you give back local and posting a photo or video with #ILiveHereIGivehere to inspire your friends to join the local generosity movement with you. Your post may just be shared on our accounts! 

Sign up to receive our e-newsletter to receive updates on Amplify Austin Day and other exciting giving and volunteering opportunities throughout the year.

What are the organizations on AmplifyATX.org?

Over 700 nonprofit organizations serving Central Texas are represented on AmplifyATX.org. Each organization must comply with the following requirements to qualify for participation or participate under the umbrella of a fiscal sponsor: provide proof of 501c3 status; supply proof of active Franchise Tax Account status with the Texas Comptroller; have filed and provided most recent IRS 990 form or e-Postcard as required by law. 

Does receiving approval to participate in Amplify Austin Day mean that I Live Here I Give Here endorses each participating nonprofit's mission and programs??

Amplify Austin Day and I Live Here I Give Here are proud to support tens of thousands of donors as they come together on one day to give to their favorite nonprofits or to new causes near to their hearts. We encourage you to find organizations that align with your passions and values. While I Live Here I Give Here does verify the charitable status of every nonprofit that participates in Amplify Austin Day, ILHIGH does not screen or select organizations on the basis of their charitable purposes or their missions. Eligibility is based on providing services in our area and an organization's current status as a recognized Section 501(c)3 tax-exempt public charity. Therefore approval of an organization's participation does not constitute an endorsement of the organization or its mission by I Live Here I Give Here or any of our partners. 

Each nonprofit page provides the organization's mission, not detailed information on all of its programs. For your additional research, each nonprofit's page also includes a link to its website to provide you with more detailed information on the organization's mission and use of its funds. 

What prizes and matching dollars are nonprofits eligible to win on Amplify Austin Day?

In 2016, I Live Here I Give Here established the I Live Here I Give Here (ILHIGH) Amplify Fund to inspire individuals, foundations, and local nonprofits to participate in the giving day. The goals of the fund are to raise awareness for Amplify Austin Day and the nonprofits serving in the local community, provide critical matching dollars that inspire donors to amplify their giving, fund prizes for participating nonprofit organizations, and reimburse nonprofits for the costs to fundraise on Amplify Austin Day. To date, the ILHIGH Amplify Fund has given back more than $11 million to participating nonprofits. 

Through the ILHIGH Amplify Fund, nonprofits access a significant match pool and unlock grand prizes, early giving prizes, and hourly prizes. Learn more about what prizes are available on our Prizes page.

Donors can make a contribution to the ILHIGH Amplify Fund in their checkout cart or support the fund here. 

Is there a minimum donation amount?

The minimum donation on AmplifyATX.org is $5. We believe everyone should have access to supporting their community. 

Can I give to more than one organization?

Yes! You can choose up to 10 nonprofits to support with each transaction. Only organizations that have registered to participate may receive gifts through AmplifyATX.org.

Can I make a donation using my phone?

Yes! Our technology provider has a "mobile-optimized platform” that will make it easy to make a gift on AmplifyATX.org using your smartphone.

Can I make a monthly or quarterly donation?

Yes! The recurring donation feature allows donors to make automated, online donations to a nonprofit on a regular schedule. You can set this up during your payment process.

We also encourage early gifts for Amplify Austin Day starting January 24th! By making an early donation, your card will process immediately, but will not reflect on nonprofit goal thermometers or Leaderboard stats until 6 pm on March 6th. Only donations made between January 18th and March 3rd at 6 PM will be matched by the ILHIGH Amplify Fund and count toward Amplify Austin Day prizes.

Can I make an offline gift to count towards Amplify Austin Day?

Organizations have the option of accepting offline donations of $100 or more using methods other than the checkout cart process on AmplifyATX.org between when early giving opens on January 17 and 1:00pm on February 28, 2023. This can be accomplished via a Donor-Advised Fund distribution, an IRA Charitable rollover, appreciated stock, ACH/Wire, cash, or a regular check to I Live Here I Give Here. The offline gift and this form must be received by I Live Here I Give Here no later than 1:00pm February 28, 2023 to allow us time to process prior to Amplify Austin Day: 6:00pm March 1 - 6:00pm March 3, 2023. Find full details and terms in the Offline Gifts Form.

Donor advised funds through the Austin Community Foundation, Shalom Austin Jewish Foundation, or Greater Round Rock Community Foundation MUST be made through the AmplifyATX.org website. All other donations MUST be made by credit card or ACH through the AmplifyATX.org website and designated to the participating organization before 6:00pm, March 2, 2023.

Because offline gifts that are submitted through the technology platform are awarded I Live Here I Give Here (ILHIGH) Amplify Fund dollars and are eligible for prizes, they incur a 5% administrative service charge. The ILHIGH Amplify Fund is an additional pool of donations, raised by I Live Here I Give Here, that is shared pro-rata across all nonprofit members. In 2021, this fund, on average, reimbursed nonprofit members for all platform fees incurred on the day plus an additional average 4% in matching funds. I Live Here I Give Here is a 501(c)3 organization and prioritizes raising incentive funds to benefit all our nonprofit members. All offline gifts are 100% tax deductible.

If you have questions, or to notify I Live Here I Give Here about your offline gift, email operations@ilivehereigivehere.org. 

Do you offer eCards for donations?

Yes! Giving eCards are a great way to purchase a donation amount to gift to others. When you buy a Giving eCard and gift it to someone, they can make the prepurchased donation to the nonprofit of their choice on AmplifyATX.org.

Giving eCards are a wonderful gift for holidays, birthdays, host gifts, or just to say thank you.

Is my donation safe and secure?

Yes! GiveGab is the hosting platform for AmplifyATX.org and uses a PCI Level I compliant payment service to ensure that all financial data is secure. You can learn about Stripe’s security precautions and more about PCI compliance.

Is my donation 100% tax-deductible?


How will I get a tax receipt for my donations?

You will receive an immediate thank you and receipt for your charitable contribution(s), which you should print out for your tax purposes. By selecting a specific nonprofit to receive your donation, your donation is restricted for that organization and will not be given to any other nonprofit. Your donation will be in the hands of your nonprofits within 10 business days.

How will I be recognized as a donor?

You will receive an immediate thank you email. If you select to have your name displayed, it will appear in a scrolling feature on your chosen organization's profile on AmplifyATX.org. You can choose to make an anonymous donation if you prefer. Anonymous donors will receive a thank you and receipt from AmplifyATX.org.

Is there a service charge on Amplify Austin Day?

AmplifyATX.org is a cost-effective fundraising platform. All donations included in the Amplify Austin Day totals include a platform service charge, and online donations can incur a separate bank service charge. Offline gifts (ex. Donor Advised Funds, ACHs, gifts of stocks or investment funds, checks, and cash) also incur a 5% administrative service charge.

The I Live Here I Give Here (ILHIGH) Amplify Fund is an additional pool of donations, raised by I Live Here I Give Here, that is shared pro-rata across all nonprofit members. In 2021, this fund, on average, reimbursed nonprofit members for all platform fees incurred on the day plus an additional 4% in matching funds. I Live Here I Give Here is a 501(c)3 organization and prioritizes raising incentive funds to benefit all our nonprofit members.

Can I get a refund?

We, unfortunately, are not able to refund donations. Please contact us at customersuccess@givegab.com.

How is I Live Here I Give Here and programs like Amplify Austin Day Fighting Against Racial Inequity?

Since the Summer of 2020, ILHIGH has been listening to the needs of the local community while actively committing to do our part to fight against racial inequities. We have also worked closely with both the Black Leaders Collective and Meme Styles Consulting. 

Donors will have the ability to use the Amplify Austin Day fundraising platform to search for BIPoC-Led social change organizations or nonprofits who support racial equity. They will also be able to find nonprofits that have adopted a racial equity statement. 

What is a Fundraising Champion?

A Fundraising Champion is a peer-to-peer fundraiser who rallies around a nonprofit's cause to fundraise on its behalf. Individuals and businesses can set up a Fundraising Champion profile for the causes important to them. You can choose one nonprofit to support or many. You pick your own fundraising goal for a chosen nonprofit and accept donations on your fundraising page on AmplifyATX.org. All fundraisers must register and complete an online fundraising page. You can get started on our GET INVOLVED page.

How do I log into my Fundraising Champion Toolkit for Amplify Austin?

To log in to your Fundraising Champion Toolkit, follow along with this helpful step-by-step guide

Can I add a donate button on Facebook for my Amplify Austin Day Fundraiser?

While we recommend promoting your Amplify Austin fundraiser across your social channels, we do not recommend “adding a donate button” or “creating a fundraiser” with Facebook for Amplify Austin Day. Using the ‘donate’ button through Facebook does NOT link to your fundraiser page on AmplifyATX.org and does not count toward your chosen nonprofit’s Amplify total or Amplify goals. We cannot track donations made through Facebook and they do not count toward the Amplify Austin Day campaign for prizes, incentives, and matches.

My company is listed as a Business Fundraiser. What does that mean?

Your company is encouraging you to give local on Amplify Austin Day and is competing to win the title of most generous business in Central Texas! Many of our Business Fundraisers also have corporate matches for Amplify Austin Day so be sure to select them as your employer when you check out. 

My company is not a Business Fundraiser but has a matching program. How do I make sure my donation is matched?

If your employer is not a Business Fundraiser and has a matching program, please ask your employer to send the matching funds directly to the appropriate nonprofit(s) and not to I Live Here I Give Here. You will receive a donation receipt via email with all of the information you need to get your donation matched.

Can my business become a Business Fundraiser?

Yes! Companies can support Amplify Austin Day by encouraging their employees to give generously to the causes they care about. Your colleagues will identify themselves when they make their donation. These companies compete on Amplify Austin Day for the title of most generous business in Central Texas! More Information on Business Fundraisers can be found here.

What is a cause marketing fundraising campaign?

A cause marketing fundraising campaign is ideal for restaurants, retailers, or service businesses. It allows you to raise awareness about the issues that your business cares about in our community and your team members get inspired about working for a company who gives back while your customers feel great knowing that their purchase supports a cause beyond themselves. Cause Marketing Fundraisers for Amplify Austin Day can support the entire ILHIGH Amplify Fund or one of our 20 cause categories. Learn more here and apply today.

What are the examples of a cause marketing fundraising campaign?

The most common types of cause marketing fundraising campaigns include designating a percentage or dollar amount of each product or service sold during a predetermined time frame to be donated or asking consumers to support your campaign by rounding the change at the register or at check out.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

For technical support on AmplifyATX.org please use the blue chat bubble on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen or email customersuccess@givegab.org. Someone from the GiveGab Customer Success Team will be there to answer questions weekdays from 8 am - 4 pm CST.