What is Amplify Austin Day?

Amplify Austin Day is our city’s annual day of giving. The 24-hour generosity even provides an easy and fun way for our entire community to give together, building transformative collective impact for more than 700 local nonprofits. Together, local individuals, families, and businesses raised $12.3 Million for 760 Central Texas nonprofits in 2020. Over the past eight years, Amplify Austin Day has raised $69 Million in critical unrestricted funds for our nonprofit sector. 

What is AmplifyATX.org?

AmplifyATX.org is an easy-to-use website that allows locals to search and discover giving opportunities aligned with their passions, empowering them to take an active role in shaping the future of the Central Texas community.

365 days a year, anyone can make a donation, set up monthly donations, or fundraise for 750+ local nonprofit organizations. The site is the leading resource for companies, newcomers, longtime residents, and families when they are looking to connect to causes that are important to them and give back where they live. 

On Amplify Austin Day, the site is activated with special matches that amplify your gifts. 

AmplifyATX.org and Amplify Austin Day are programs of I Live Here I Give Here, an Austin based nonprofit.

What is I Live Here I Give Here?

 I Live Here I Give Here is a nonprofit organization on a mission to make Central Texas the most generous community in the nation. We believe that we can build a more united, more equitable, and more prosperous community for all when we give together. I Live Here I Give Here created the Amplify Austin initiative in 2013.

Learn more about our organization here.

Why give on Amplify Austin Day?

We encourage year-round giving to sustain the local nonprofits that served the people, places, and animals we love, but we make a special appeal on Amplify Austin Day. This is the day that becomes a sweeping local generosity movement to celebrate and support Central Texas nonprofits that make this a better place for everyone to live. PLUS, your gift made on Amplify Austin Day will be matched by our generous sponsors and go further to support local causes. Your gift may also help your favorite nonprofit win a prize! In 2020, I Live Here I Give Here raised over $658K in matching funds, prizes, and incentives for the nonprofit organizations participating in Amplify Austin Day.

When is Amplify Austin Day?

Amplify Austin Day 2022 will take place 6:00PM on March 2nd - 6:00PM on March 3rd CST.

What are the organizations on AmplifyATX.org?

Over 750 nonprofit organizations serving Central Texas are represented on AmplifyATX.org. Each organization must comply with the following requirements to qualify for participation: provide proof of 501c3 status; supply proof of active Franchise Tax Account status with the Texas Comptroller; have filed and provided most recent IRS 990 form or e-Postcard as required by law. As always, we encourage you to do your own due diligence as you consider your charitable giving.

Does receiving approval to participate in Amplify Austin Day mean that I Live Here I Give Here endorses each participating nonprofit's mission and programs??

Amplify Austin Day and I Live Here I Give Here are proud to support tens of thousands of donors as they come together on one day to give to their favorite nonprofits or to new causes near to their hearts. We encourage you to find organizations that align with your passions and values. While I Live Here I Give Here does verify the charitable status of every nonprofit that participates in Amplify Austin Day, ILHIGH does not screen or select organizations on the basis of their charitable purposes or their missions. Eligibility is based on providing services in our area and an organization's current status as a recognized Section 501(c)3 tax-exempt public charity. Therefore approval of an organization's participation does not constitute an endorsement of the organization or its mission by I Live Here I Give Here or any of our partners. 

Each nonprofit page provides the organization's mission, not detailed information on all of its programs. For your additional research, each nonprofit's page also includes a link to its website to provide you with more detailed information on the organization's mission and use of its funds. 

What prizes and matching dollars are nonprofits eligible to win on Amplify Austin Day?

On Amplify Austin Day, every organization receives matching dollars provided by our generous sponsors. Nonprofits also have the opportunity to win grand prizes, early giving prizes, and hourly prizes. The more donations a nonprofit organization receives on Amplify Austin Day, the more extra funds the nonprofit organization is awarded, providing extra operational funding to underwrite their community programming. Donors have the power to help their causes secure those extra funds! 

Is there a minimum donation amount?

The suggested minimum donation on Amplify Austin Day is $25. However, our platform is designed to allow gifts of $5 and above. We strongly recommend keeping your donation at $25 and above. This will not only maximize your impact, but it will also help your favorite nonprofit provide much-needed services to our community!

Can I give to more than one organization?

Yes! You can load up a cart of different nonprofits you want to support. When you’re ready, you can make one combined payment. Only the registered Central Texas nonprofits may receive gifts through AmplifyATX.org

Can I make a donation using my phone?

Yes! Our technology provider has a "mobile-optimized platform” that will make it easy to make a gift on AmplifyATX.org using your smartphone.

Can I make a monthly or quarterly donation?

Yes! The recurring donation feature allows donors to make automated, online donations to a nonprofit on a regular schedule. You can set this up during your payment process.

We also encourage early gifts for Amplify Austin Day starting January 19th! By making an early donation, your card will process immediately, but will not reflect on nonprofit goal thermometers or Leaderboard stats until after midnight on March 5th. Only donations made between January 19th and March 5th at 6PM will be matched by the ILHIGH Amplify Fund and count toward Amplify Austin Day prizes.

Is my donation safe and secure?

Yes! GiveGab uses a PCI Level I compliant payment service to ensure that all financial data is secure You can learn about Stripe’s security precautions and more about PCI compliance.

Is my donation 100% tax-deductible?


How will I get a tax receipt for my donations?

You will receive an immediate thank you and tax receipt for 100% of your donation(s), which you should print out for your records. By selecting a specific nonprofit to receive your donation, your donation is restricted for that organization and will not be given to any other nonprofit. Your donation will be in the hands of your nonprofits within 5 business days.

How will I be recognized as a donor?

You will receive an immediate thank you email and tax receipt for 100% of your donation(s). If you select to have your name displayed, it will appear in a scrolling feature on your chosen organization's profile on AmplifyATX.org. You can choose to make an anonymous donation if you prefer. Anonymous donors will receive a tax receipt. from AmplifyATX.org

Is there a service charge on Amplify Austin Day?

I Live Here I Give Here works hard to ensure that AmplifyATX.org is a cost-effective and successful fundraising platform. In 2020, Amplify Austin Day had a -4% average platform fee and online donations incurred a separate bank fee. The negative average platform fee was a result of contributions from generous donors like you to I Live Here I Give Here via the Amplify Fund.

Can I get a refund?

We, unfortunately, are not able to refund donations. Please contact us at customersuccess@givegab.com

What is a Fundraising Champion?

A Fundraising Champion is a peer-to-peer fundraiser who rallies around a nonprofit's cause to fundraise on its behalf. Individuals and businesses can set up a Fundraising Champion profile for the causes important to them. You pick your own fundraising goal for a chosen nonprofit and accept donations on your fundraising page on AmplifyATX.org. All fundraisers must register and complete an online fundraising page. You can get started on our GET INVOLVED page.

How do I log into my Fundraising Champion Toolkit for Amplify Austin?

To log in to your Fundraising Champion Toolkit, follow along with this helpful step-by-step guide

Why is my name listed as Fundraising Champion on a Nonprofit's page?

If your name is listed as a Fundraising Champion on a nonprofit profile,  you have signed up or have been invited to fundraise on AmplifyATX.org for a local nonprofit organization! When you are invited to sign up as a fundraiser, AmplifyATX.org automatically creates a Fundraising Champion campaign on your behalf. We recommend that all nonprofits confirm that their fundraising champions are willing to have a page set up before sending an invitation to fundraise. If you would like your name to be removed from the page, we would be happy to remove the campaign and notify the nonprofit of this change. Let us know if you need any changes made through the blue chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of AmplifyATX.org. 

Can I add a donate button on Facebook for my Amplify Austin Day Fundraiser?

While we recommend promoting your Amplify Austin fundraiser across your social channels, we do not recommend “adding a donate button” or “creating a fundraiser” with Facebook for Amplify Austin Day. Using the ‘donate’ button through Facebook does NOT link to your fundraiser page on AmplifyATX.org and does not count toward your chosen nonprofit’s Amplify total or Amplify goals. We cannot track donations made through Facebook and they do not count toward the Amplify Austin Day campaign for prizes, incentives, and matches.

My company is listed as a Business Fundraiser. What does that mean?

Your company is encouraging you to give local on Amplify Austin Day and competing to win the title of most generous business in Central Texas! Many of our Business Fundraisers also have special matches for Amplify Austin Day so be sure to select them as your employer when you check out. 

My company is not a Business Fundraiser but has a matching program. How do I make sure my donation is matched?

If your employer is not a Business Fundraiser and has a matching program, please ask your employer to send the matching funds directly to the appropriate nonprofit(s) and not to I Live Here I Give Here. You will receive a donation receipt via email with all of the information you need to get your donation matched.

Can my business become a Business Fundraiser?

Yes! Companies can support Amplify Austin Day by encouraging their employees to give generously to the causes they care about. Your colleagues will identify themselves when they make their donation. These companies compete on Amplify Austin Day for the title of most generous business in Central Texas! More Information on Business Fundraisers can be found here.

How can I share the news about Amplify Austin Day?

Follow I Live Here I Give Here on Twitter and Instagram and like us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news and share our posts with your

Participate in our social media campaign by sharing how you give back local and posting a photo or video with #ILiveHereIGivehere to inspire your friends to join the local generosity movement with you. Your post may just be shared on our accounts! 

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

For technical support on AmplifyATX.org please use the blue chat bubble on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen or email customersuccess@givegab.org. Someone from the GiveGab Customer Success Team will be there to answer questions weekdays from 8 am - 4 pm CST.