Amplify Austin Day Business Fundraising

Amplify Austin Day is our community’s annual day of giving. The 24-hour call to action has raised over $57M for hundreds of local organizations and provides an easy and fun way for our entire community to give together. In 2019, Business Fundraisers and their employees raised $1M of the overall $11.2M on Amplify Austin Day for local nonprofits!

As an Amplify Austin Day business fundraiser, you are empowering your employees to give back to the community where they live, work, and play. Businesses can also match those employees' passions by offering matching dollars during Amplify Austin Day.

Local businesses that participate in Amplify Austin Day inspire the people of Austin and their neighbors to make a difference in their community by connecting employees with causes they are passionate about.

Business fundraising on the platform provides an easy, fun and efficient way for your entire company to give together while helping local nonprofits.


Amplify Austin Day Employee Campaign Services:

  • On-demand customer support offered throughout your fundraising campaign
  • Business Fundraiser toolkit, including posters, social media, and email communications, and other resources to engage your employees
  • Annual auto-renewal service
  • Based on preference, ILHIGH can help facilitate disbursement of matching funds, if businesses choose to provide a match

I Live Here I Give Here Program Experiences:

  • Top Ten business fundraisers invited to ILHIGH Awards Breakfast in April 2020

Business Engagement:

  • Opportunity to schedule I Live Here I Give Here giving presentation or lunch and learn
  • Individualized impact and media report for business fundraisers whose employees give over $20,000
  • Year-Round campaign support and toolkits for online employee giving on Opportunities include Giving Tuesday, holiday giving, team fundraising and more!

Getting Started and Resources:

Thank you for participating in Amplify Austin - the support of local businesses for local nonprofits is a big part of the giving day success! Below are some resources we provide to help businesses create an effective employee campaign 
Matching Funds:
We recommend matching funds as a way to show your support for employee giving during Amplify Austin Day. Giving days are especially successful when the donor sees their dollar going further and having more impact. In order for your matching funds to be displayed on the leaderboard and added to your company’s total, you must submit your commitment form to I Live Here I Give Here via email before 12pm March 6, 2020 to Senior Manager of Development, Jessi Moon, at

You can provide match funds in two ways:

1. Distribute the Match Yourself: When you sign up as a business fundraiser, make a commitment that you will be providing a specific dollar amount to match employees' giving. You will have access to a real-time report of employee giving on Amplify Austin Day, which you can use to determine which nonprofits to send the monies to. Your gift will be included in the publicized total dollars raised on Amplify Austin Day and on the Business fundraiser leaderboard. This is an ideal option for companies that have existing matching programs.
2. Have I Live Here I Give Here Distribute the Match: When you sign up as a business fundraiser, make a commitment that you will be providing a specific dollar amount to match employees' giving. If you choose this option, please send a check to I Live Here I Give Here for the match amount to: I Live Here I Give Here, Attn: Accounting, 1310 South First Street, Suite 210, Austin TX, 78704. We will distribute the monies accordingly to the charities your employees have designated.
Thank you for joining Amplify Austin!
Any questions? Contact Jessi Moon via email or 512-717-4190.