Amplify Austin Business Fundraiser's Toolkit

The support of local businesses and the amplification of their support via their employees and their customers is critical to the success of Amplify Austin! Not only does your participation help ensure a successful day of fundraising for our nonprofits, but your participation in the day shows your employees that their company cares about them and their community. For the Amplify Austin, we're offering your business an opportunity to engage your employees and customers in generosity, connect them with causes they're passionate about, and come together to make a collective impact for the place we all call home.

Stay up to date with Amplify Austin Day and our collective progress leading up to the close of the day on March 6 at 6PM by following @ilivehereigivehere on Facebook and Instagram, and @IL_HIGH on Twitter.

We encourage you and your employees to post across your social media channels using #ILiveHereIGiveHere and #AmplifyATX so that we can help spread the word of your support. 

How can I be successful in spreading philanthropy to my employees and customers? Check out the Business Toolkit by following the links below. We've created a lot of great and compelling content for you - simply add your company's unique spin! 

Want to see who else is involved in the Central Texas community? Find your favorite participating nonprofits here and participating businesses here.

Interested in learning more about Amplify Austin and the value to your business? Contact Erin Ajayi,

How do I run a successful fundraiser for my business?

The number one recommendation for running a successful fundraiser for Amplify Austin is that you are truly celebrating and encouraging the act of philanthropy - big and small! Here are some tips, tricks, and ideas on how to encourage you employees and your customers to rally around philanthropy, and the single largest fundraiser in the Central Texas community!

Share the Amplify Austin site with your employees and encourage them to find a nonprofit or two that speaks to the causes they care about! You can share with customers on your receipt, or hand out info cards with each purchase with your and Amplify Austin information on it (check out some great graphics to use, here). With so many participating nonprofits, there's a nonprofit or cause for everyone!
Your business fundraiser page can report on employee participation rates, number of donors, and dollars raised! Pick a stat and set a goal and share that out. Throughout the day (on March 2nd - 3rd), share the progress with your employees and customers and celebrate those milestones. You can also offer incentives to employees and customers as your hit those milestones! See some ideas below.
Decide if your business will offer a match to all employees or customers gifts, or to a specific nonprofit. We've found matching gifts can amplify giving by 3 or 4 times!
Communicate your participation in Amplify Austin through email messages, social media posts, and word of mouth.

What incentives can I offer or celebrations can I plan to my employees or customers?

As you hit your giving day milestones or to just celebrate the giving spirit of Amplify Austin, plan some fun and excitement in at your business or office on March 2nd - 3rd. We have some ideas below, but the sky's the limit in how you can engage your employees and customers, and encourage philanthropy on Amplify Austin!

Encourage your employees to participate in Amplify Austin by offering these incentives:
  • Food: Cater a snack break, host a pot luck, or a dessert party to celebrate giving
  • Attire: Have a casual dress day so employees can dress to represent the agency or cause they care about
  • Advertise: Pass out “I Gave” stickers to employees who gave to celebrate the causes they care about
  • Competition: Have a competition between departments to see who can raise the most and offer a prize
Encourage your customer to participate in Amplify Austin by offering these incentives:
  • Discounts: If you have a store front, offer a percentage off of an item if they can show they gave (Amplify Austin sends out a receipt to each donor for easy access on their phone!).
  • Raffle: Offer a raffle, and every time a donor gives if as entry into the raffle.
  • Happy Hour: Host a happy hour and invite local nonprofits and your customers to meet and mingle!
Encourage your employees or customers to participate in the many events happening around the Central Texas community! You can see a full listing of events here. You can also host your own event to encourage participation in Amplify Austin!

Most importantly, Amplify Austin Day is about making a collective impact for the plants, people, and pets who call Central Texas home. Share your story, participate, and feel great about the difference you're making in the community alongside your colleagues and friends.