Amplify Austin Training Videos - Series 201

Take your Amplify Austin Day campaign to the next level! In our 201 Level Training Videos we'll highlight ways in which your organization can run a successful Amplify Austin Day campaign through more specific strategies and best practices.

Goal Setting Strategies - 20 Min

Before you dive into your Amplify Austin Day campaign, take the time to assess your goals! In this training course we’ll share the importance of setting clear goals as well as best practices and strategies for how you can make the most out of Amplify Austin Day.

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The Power of P2P Fundraising - 15 Min

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising is a great way to expand your reach on Amplify Austin Day by utilizing your most passionate supporters to share their stories and fundraise on behalf of your organization. In this training course we'll cover everything you need to know about recruiting and empowering fundraisers for Amplify Austin Day!

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Creative Engagement Ideas - 15 Min

Amplify Austin Day is the perfect opportunity to engage your supporters both online and off! We'll share nonprofit best practices and creative ways to engage and excite your supporters and your community on Amplify Austin Day.

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Social Media Strategies - 30 Min

Social media is a great way to engage with your supporters and get them excited about Amplify Austin Day! We’ll cover the basics of several popular social media platforms, and how to best leverage them to reach your goals on Amplify Austin Day.

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Scheduling Communications - 20 Min

When preparing for Amplify Austin Day, your communications with supporters can play an enormous role in your overall success. We’ll cover supporter communication best practices and highlight tools your organization can use for more efficient and effective online engagement.

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A Picture Tells A Thousand Words - 25 Min

Images have the power to tell stories and evoke emotion in your supporters and potential donors. In this training course we’ll go over the impact images can have on your supporters, and how to improve your online engagement during Amplify Austin Day and beyond!

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